Maintaining your Ultrasonic Hydrotherapy SPA Unit

1. Do not drop, hit or submerge the main device and power safety switch in water.
2. The installation and placement and placement of this main deviced is designated

     to prevent water seepage or one from falling into the bathtub.
3. Please check that the voltage of the socket is 110V or 220V before using.
4. Do not splash water directly on the main device and power switch so as to prevent power 
    leakage, breakdown and ensure safe usage.
5. The soft pad is considered a consumable product. Remove it gently from the suction disc.  
    Do not exert force, otherwise any tearing, breakdown etc. of the soft pad shall be replaced 
     with cost.
6. Maintain cleanliness of the soft pad at all times. Use a soft, long bristle for cleaning.

    Do not submerged the soft pad in the bathtub for prolonged period. Hang it to drip dry

    after use so as to protect functioning components.
7. The company shall not liable for any unauthorized dismantling of or the repairs

    of the main device.