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MOYA Home Spa takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the modern lifestyle to enjoy life at home. Let warm bubbly water caress you while your body absorb nature’s pure herbal aromas, transporting you to a feeling of new-born freshness and comfort.


Eucalyptus bath oil contain s rich cineol, it could relief the uncomfortable of throat.

A tub-bath is recommended after exhaustion from hard work, it also eases your stress and you will experience a cleansing, comfort and fragrance feeling all over your body.


“Eucalyptus are among the most aromatic plants in the world and the sharply scented oil given off by the leaves has powerful healing, disinfectant, and antiseptic uses. Well-known for its use in inhalants to treat respiratory conditions, the oil is also useful for wounds and insect bites. Cooling dilution of eucalyptus oil can relieve fever and skin irritations. Used in vapourizers or room sprays the oils helps cleanse and disinfect the air.”



  • Relieves respiratory related ailments, including sinus, asthma and bronchitis

  • Alleviates asthma, sinus, bronchitis and various kinds of breathing-related problems


Camomile bath oil is the very best herbal product for human skin, Moya’s camomile essence oil has a special extract, to protect sensitive and heavily burden skins.

It is harm-free from irritating sun, strong wind and air pollution


“Camomile oil became so popular in Germany as a medicine that it was known as alles Zutruat meaning “capable of anything”. The soothing oil has been variously prescribed to speed healing, calm allergies, and treat burn and bruises, earache, neuralgia, abscesses, and toothache. Chamomile’s fragrance has a definite calming effect – a steam inhalation can assuage insomnia and hysteria. It is also a useful herb for natural beauty care.

The early Vikings are said to have rinsed their hair with an infusion of camomile, thus enhancing their blondness. It is adding a few drops of the oil to bath water to ease dry and sunburned skin.”


  • Protects sensitive & heavily burdened skin

  • Helps & treats skin allergies

  • Good for people with acne, eczema and psoriasis


Rosemary bath oil an energetic symbol for Europeans, it helps relieving sorrow. A quote from Mr. Gerad – An herbalist in the 16th century: “Rosemary helps feeling joy, and improves losing memories”. A Rosemary bath in the morning will awaken physical functions, to be ready for another hard-working day ahead.


“Rosemary oil has since been used in many preparations to ease the processes of ageing. Herbalists recommend it for hair care and suggest scalp massage with the oil to prevent premature baldness. Treat bad breath with a gargle made by adding a few drops of the oil to distilled water. With its powerful aroma, Rosemary oil is an effective inhalant and decongestant, and a strengthening massage rub for muscles. This is the most stimulating of oils, enhancing memory, concentration, and clear thinking.”


  • Stimulates and invigorates – good for morning use

  • Aids bloods circulation

  • Stabilize blood pressure

  • Helps with slimming

  • Supportive treatment for strain, trauma, spraining, contusion.



Juniper bath oil is a legend herbal plant, it is used to web “the magic crown” by the Roman, using Juniper is believed for chasing evil spirits away. In ritual ceremonies, Juniper is burnt to purify the holy places After energy-exhausted sports such as Track and Field, a Juniper bath is recommended It helps relieving still of sore muscles, and it is free from bacteria contagious


“Known since ancient times for its antiseptic and diuretic qualities, Juniper was described by 17th century English herbalist Nicolas Culpeper as “provoking urine exceedingly”. In addition, Culpeper prescribed Juniper for “cough, shortness of breath” and “to give safe and speedy delivery to woman with child”. Juniper has marked effect on the digestive system, the female system, and the circulatory system.”


  • Relief stiff and sore muscles

  • Facilitates toxin removal

  • Releases water retention

  • Relieves gout, back and shoulder aches

  • Supportive treatment for rheumatic diseases


Hayseed bath is recommended after a hard-working day from a stuffy office or factory.

It eases your tiredness, and you will be ready for an evening romantic date again.A little higher water temperature will help relaxing and relieving sore muscles.


  • Relieves aching bones

  • Alleviates symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism & osteoporosis

  • Supportive treatment for chronic degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system


Lavender bath oil has an unique and strong herbal fragrance, helps feeling exciting and fascinating. A lavender tub-bath enables you to get relaxed, feeling joy and balance, it also eases your tension for a comfortable sleep.


“Essential oil of Lavender is the most widely used and versatile healing oil. Not only is it extremely effective, it is also very easy to use and is the only oil that can be safely applied undiluted to the skin. Dr. Gattefosse, one of the founders of the science of aromatherapy, was the first to pinpoint Lavender’s ability to restore skin health. The oil may be used with great success to treat skin disorders, preventing scarring and promoting rapid healing. Lavender oil is also one of the stronger antiseptic oils and is included in a variety of cosmetic aids such as mouthwash, skin tonic, and eye-lotion. The oil provides a soothing rub for patients suffering from arthritis and rheumatism, a good inhalant for respiratory problems and fainting, and a relieving compress for headaches. The balancing properties of Lavender can correct emotional problems and feelings of instability. Its calming effect will induce a restful sleep – try a drop of Lavender oil on your pillow or into an evening bath.”


  • Relaxes

  • Eases body tension for comfortable sleep

  • Has calming effect

  • Effective for people with insomnia & high blood pressure


“Pine oil is a powerful antiseptic, probably best known for its effectiveness in treating infections of the respiratory system. The ancient Arab physician, Avicenna, prescribed it as an inhalant and poultice for a patient suffering from pneumonia. The oil has a stimulating effect on the circulation, making it warming rub for muscular pain. This invigorating quality will help lethargy and listlessness.”


  • Good for morning use

  • Refreshing and stimulating

  • Good for people with migraine

  • Eases sore muscles

  • Acts as an antiseptic & deodorant