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September is Healthy Aging Month and Wellness Worx International, Inc. once again stood with the rest of the world in defeating the stigma to growing older in its monthly elite seminar. This month’s battle cry was “The Way to Healthy Aging: Manage Your HBC (High Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, and Cholesterol) with Hydrotherapy Spa” where the highly sought-after nutritionist-dietitian to the elite, Ms. Cheshire Que, highlighted the causes, complications, and management of the three global health issues of today.

According to US registered nutritionist-dietitian, Ms. Que, poorly managed HBC (high blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol) leads to a myriad of complications that can significantly reduce one’s quality of life. Among the mentioned complications include: kidney diseases, blindness, and coronary heart disease among many others.  And with the increasing incidence of these diseases not only worldwide but more so in the country, Ms. Que called on the crowd to take positive measures in pursuing their health.

Ms. Que summarized her HBC management tips in 5 simple activities:

  1. Healthy eating pattern

  2. Proper Hydration

  3. Exercise

  4. Sleep hygiene

  5. Stress Management

Seemingly simple, yes. But us we age, our body deteriorates too rendering simple activities like exercise difficult to do. Sometimes, even walking alone proves to be a monumental task for some of our elderly.  Moreover, older adults exhibit a reduced fluid intake because of their decreased thirst sensation making them susceptible to dehydration which can only aggravate symptoms of HBC. But how do we cope if all that is true? The answer lies in hydrotherapy.

With the SG-2000 Ultrasonic Grand Spa bubble bath, 15 minutes of bathing can now be equivalent to jogging an overwhelming 3-4 km. Your regular bath time can now make you lose 200-300 calories significantly improving your HBC. Moreover, the three principles behind this product – far infrared rays, ozone, ultrasonic waves – offers another set of benefits which are hydration, good blood circulation, and massage effect. When combined with Moya Essential Oils and Moya Bath Salts, the system now creates a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for the users promoting overall stress management and sleep hygiene.

So sure, you don’t have the time or maybe the strength to go out and exercise let alone actively pursue a healthier lifestyle, but if you’re a fan of bathing then maybe hydrotherapy is for you. 15 minutes of bathing with the SG-2000 Ultrasonic Grand Spa Bubble bath can bring you the following benefits: deep internal warming, exercise effect, massaging effect, beauty and body contouring, deep cleansing, and hydration.  

If you wish to age gracefully and healthily, don’t take chances! Let the Grand Spa Ultrasonic Hydrotherapy take care of you!

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Wellness Worx Elite Seminar: The way to Healthy Aging: Manage your H.B.C. (High blood pressure, Blood sugar and Cholesterol) with Hydrotherapy SPA!