Camomile bath oil is the very best herbal product for human skin, Moya’s camomile essence oil has a special extract, to protect sensitive and heavily burden skins.

It is harm-free from irritating sun, strong wind and air pollution


“Camomile oil became so popular in Germany as a medicine that it was known as alles Zutruat meaning “capable of anything”. The soothing oil has been variously prescribed to speed healing, calm allergies, and treat burn and bruises, earache, neuralgia, abscesses, and toothache. Chamomile’s fragrance has a definite calming effect – a steam inhalation can assuage insomnia and hysteria. It is also a useful herb for natural beauty care.

The early Vikings are said to have rinsed their hair with an infusion of camomile, thus enhancing their blondness. It is adding a few drops of the oil to bath water to ease dry and sunburned skin.”


    • Protects sensitive & heavily burdened skin

    • Helps & treats skin allergies

    • Good for people with acne, eczema and psoriasis