Eucalyptus bath oil contain s rich cineol, it could relief the uncomfortable of throat.

A tub-bath is recommended after exhaustion from hard work, it also eases your stress and you will experience a cleansing, comfort and fragrance feeling all over your body.



“Eucalyptus are among the most aromatic plants in the world and the sharply scented oil given off by the leaves has powerful healing, disinfectant, and antiseptic uses. Well-known for its use in inhalants to treat respiratory conditions, the oil is also useful for wounds and insect bites. Cooling dilution of eucalyptus oil can relieve fever and skin irritations. Used in vapourizers or room sprays the oils helps cleanse and disinfect the air.”


    • Relieves respiratory related ailments, including sinus, asthma and bronchitis

    • Alleviates asthma, sinus, bronchitis and various kinds of breathing-related problems