Juniper bath oil is a legend herbal plant, it is used to web “the magic crown” by the Roman, using Juniper is believed for chasing evil spirits away. In ritual ceremonies, Juniper is burnt to purify the holy places After energy-exhausted sports such as Track and Field, a Juniper bath is recommended It helps relieving still of sore muscles, and it is free from bacteria contagious


“Known since ancient times for its antiseptic and diuretic qualities, Juniper was described by 17th century English herbalist Nicolas Culpeper as “provoking urine exceedingly”. In addition, Culpeper prescribed Juniper for “cough, shortness of breath” and “to give safe and speedy delivery to woman with child”. Juniper has marked effect on the digestive system, the female system, and the circulatory system.”


    • Relief stiff and sore muscles

    • Facilitates toxin removal

    • Releases water retention

    • Relieves gout, back and shoulder aches

    • Supportive treatment for rheumatic diseases