Lavender bath oil has an unique and strong herbal fragrance, helps feeling exciting and fascinating. A lavender tub-bath enables you to get relaxed, feeling joy and balance, it also eases your tension for a comfortable sleep.


  • Medicinal

    “Essential oil of Lavender is the most widely used and versatile healing oil. Not only is it extremely effective, it is also very easy to use and is the only oil that can be safely applied undiluted to the skin. Dr. Gattefosse, one of the founders of the science of aromatherapy, was the first to pinpoint Lavender’s ability to restore skin health. The oil may be used with great success to treat skin disorders, preventing scarring and promoting rapid healing. Lavender oil is also one of the stronger antiseptic oils and is included in a variety of cosmetic aids such as mouthwash, skin tonic, and eye-lotion. The oil provides a soothing rub for patients suffering from arthritis and rheumatism, a good inhalant for respiratory problems and fainting, and a relieving compress for headaches. The balancing properties of Lavender can correct emotional problems and feelings of instability. Its calming effect will induce a restful sleep – try a drop of Lavender oil on your pillow or into an evening bath.”


    • Relaxes

    • Eases body tension for comfortable sleep

    • Has calming effect

    • Effective for people with insomnia & high blood pressure