Rosemary bath oil an energetic symbol for Europeans, it helps relieving sorrow. A quote from Mr. Gerad – An herbalist in the 16th century: “Rosemary helps feeling joy, and improves losing memories”. A Rosemary bath in the morning will awaken physical functions, to be ready for another hard-working day ahead.


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  • “Rosemary oil has since been used in many preparations to ease the processes of ageing. Herbalists recommend it for hair care and suggest scalp massage with the oil to prevent premature baldness. Treat bad breath with a gargle made by adding a few drops of the oil to distilled water. With its powerful aroma, Rosemary oil is an effective inhalant and decongestant, and a strengthening massage rub for muscles. This is the most stimulating of oils, enhancing memory, concentration, and clear thinking.”


    • Stimulates and invigorates – good for morning use

    • Aids bloods circulation

    • Stabilize blood pressure

    • Helps with slimming

    • Supportive treatment for strain, trauma, spraining, contusion.

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