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Provincial Sole Distributorship(PSD) is one of Wellness Worx Int’l. (WWI) business models that revolves around total health concept store. PSD acts a satellite office of WWI running independently.

Therapeutic Hydrotherapy SPA is the trend that will change the quality of Bathing. Setting the trend and will dominate the market.  By the nature of services of PSD will provide, success will be readily achieved.


Our target market will be from every age and gender, everyone must use it.  One day Grand Spa will become a family health care brand for therapeutic bathing.

Welcome to our PSD Center

Potential of our PSD Center

WWI, PSD business concept is a successful model, with minimum investment, value for money and minimum risk

Every PSD is a branch, there are 100Million population in the Philippines, 25Million Household Families.  We estimate 2% Market Share for Grand Spa and that would mean 500,000 minimum units to be sold.

Sample earning potential: 

Let’s assume 500,000 users will only use 5ml of oil per day, that is 12,500 bottle per day

or 375,000 bottles per month @ 3,800.00 it will give you Php 1,425,000,000 Sales.


1,425,000,000 sales x 10% (min. percent of income)

your minimum potential income per month is

Php 142,500.00

Sources of Income

• Sales from Hydrotherapy SPA Services

 • Service Fee from inter-center transaction

 • Profit from Direct Selling

 • Override from Sales Representatives/Resellers

 • Service Fee from maintenance and

    repair of machines


  • Product Video

  • Video Testimonials

  • Fliers & Brochures

  • Banners & Billboards

  • Magazine

  • Booklet

  • E-mail Marketing

Company Support:

  • Training

  • Facebook Ad

  • Website

  • Call Center

  • Events

  • 3rd Party Lending

  • Logistics and Delivery