Setting up for a Wellness Worx Ultrasonic Hydrotherapy SPA session

Drink a Glass of water

1. Clean tub before use then fill it with cool tap water two inches deep then turn off. Attach

    tube to mat. Place the mat at the bottom of the tub and firmly press on all sides.

    Ensure that the mat is securely placed and immovable.

2. Turn on the water heater to medium temperature and fill the tub between 50 to 70%.

     Optimum water level is below the breast when in sitting position. 

3. Check the water temperature using a digital thermometer: 
     37 degrees Celsius - Lukewarm spa, recommended for relaxation in the evening
     39 degrees Celsius - Warm spa, recommended for energization
     40 degrees Celsius - Hot spa, enhanced exercise effects.

     Not recommended for first timers. 
     Regular spa users must not exceed 42 degrees Celsius.


How to fill the bath tub with water to achieve therapeutic temperature


Using an electric kettle: 
Add 3 to 9 liters of boiling water to the tub filled with water from water heater system.

3 liters of boiling water will increase water temperature by 1.2 degrees Celsius.

Note: Use 2 to 3 units of electric kettle with 3-liter capacity for faster filling process.


If a water heater system is not available: 
Fill the tub with tap water up to 50%. Add 18 to 24 liters of boiling water. 3 liters of boiling water will increase water temperature by 1.2 degrees Celsius.

4. Pour a maximum of 5 to 10 ml or 1 whole cap of Moya Essential Oil into the water. 
    A maximum combination of three oils can be used to fill 1 cap. 5g or 1 teaspoon of 
    Moya Bath Salt can be added.

5. Turn the bubble control knob to desired intensity:
      6 o’clock - low intensity bubbles or slow walking effect
      8 o’clock - moderate intensity bubbles or brisk walking effect
     10 o’clock - high intensity bubbles or jogging effect

6. Turn the timer knob clockwise (Do not turn counterclockwise to prevent damage):
    10 minutes for a quick spa experience
    15 minutes for optimum spa experience
     Recommendation: Spa one to three times a day everyday

7. Wash feet before getting into the tub. Do various therapeutic bathing

    positions during spa. 

8. When timer stops, rest for 1 to 2 minutes before getting out of the tub.

9. Rinse whole body with cold water. Recommendation: 
    Use Moya Shampoo to clean hair. 

10.Using a spatula, gently release the mat suctions underneath. Remove mat and let it 
      dry. Do not leave the flexi mat submerged in water when not in use.

11.Remove the magnetic rubber stopper to drain the tub. Clean the tub with 
      Moya All- in-One liquid cleanser. Do not use strong detergent and abrasive

      cleaning tools.

Drink a Glass of water